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Smart Sun Protection 365 days a year

Updated: Oct 20, 2023


ZO goes beyond traditional approaches of just blocking UVA/UVB rays.

ZO engineers scientifically superior sunscreens with the broadest, most comprehensive range of sun protection available. Not only do they provide sun protection but additional hydrators, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories for optimal protection.

Skin cancer is highly preventable. Roughly 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers and 85% of melanoma cases are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. It is never too early or too late to start making sun protection a priority for your skin.

Consider these three important questions when you’re choosing the right sunscreen for your skin:

1. What is your skin type?

2. Do you have skin concerns?

3. What type of lifestyle do you lead?

ZO SkinHealth offers a variety of sunscreen choices to suit everyones lifestyle and needs!

Below are the recommended choices for daily protection:

  • Offers water and perspiration resistance for up to 80 minutes

  • Provides a non-greasy matte finish

  • Dries quickly to shield against UVA/UVB and IR-A rays, and HEV light

  • Offers bronzed glow and lightweight feel

  • Inhibits future pigment

  • Beautiful on a darker skin type

  • Self-adjusting tint that complements most skin tones

  • Features an exclusive antioxidant complex while protecting against the aging effects of UVA/UVB, IR-A rays and HEV light.

  • Offers a firming peptide.

  • Doubles as a makeup primer or can be used on its own

  • Protects against the damaging effects from UVA/UVB and IR-A rays, and from HEV light.

  • Light-weight, on the go powder sunscreen provides buildable, long lasting coverage and protection from damage caused by UVA/UVB and HEV light

  • Contains oil-absorbing and light reflecting particles, reducing unwanted surface oils and provides a luminous, matte finish

  • Soft brush design allows for a smooth application and effortless airbrush result

  • Easy application/reapplication for the face and body

  • Broad spectrum sunscreen

  • Calms, soothes redness and nourishes skin

  • Easy application/reapplication for the face and body

Ideally for a person who has a more active outdoor lifestyle or has pigmentation/prone to pigmentation should apply a chemical sunscreen first followed by a physical for extra protection. Re-application every 2 hours is ideal for anyone.

We hold educational events every couple of months to further your knowledge on how to improve your skincare and treatment outcomes! Come treat yourself and learn with us!!

Book a complimentary consultation today to find out how you can improve your skin health!

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