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Facial / Medical Peels

Relaxing and result driven facials—the perfect way to start your skin journey with us 


About Facial / Medical Peels

With a variety of facial and peel options, each treatment is customized based on a client’s skin type and concerns. During the treatment we can help address sensitivity, acne, dehydration, and aging. Proper homecare as well as advanced medical treatments can be discussed further based on the client’s goals.

Start your skin care journey by booking in for a facial where we can assess your skin and recommend the appropriate steps from there!  

How it works

We will start your facial with a thorough cleanse and analysis of your skin. Depending on your skin type and concerns, we then customize the medical facial that is best for you. For example, for oily and acne prone skin types we would add in exfoliation using salicylic acid to reduce acne and improve skin texture as well extractions as needed.

For dryer skin types we would use our moisturizing mask to help restore the skin’s natural barrier. Some of the stronger peels require preconditioning the skin at home prior to treatment and also have slightly different homecare recommendations.

Don’t worry about choosing which treatment is best—that’s what we’re here for!   



Safe for all skin types with an option for no downtime


Hydrates and brightens dull or pigmented skin


Extractions done when needed


Allows for better penetration of your homecare products 


The perfect ‘glow’ for any special event!  

Fast Facts


Peels are 25 minutes 
Facials are 50 minutes   

Recommended Sessions

To maintain skin health, 1 treatment per month is recommended.

After Treatment Care

Using appropriate prescribed home care depending on the treatment performed, and wearing a medical sunscreen daily to protect the skin. 


How many treatments are needed?


Depending on the client and their goals, facials are suggested monthly for maintenance. If you are looking for more ‘correction’ a series done closer together is often recommended.  

Are the treatments comfortable?


Facials are very comfortable and relaxing! Some find any extractions, if needed, can be slightly uncomfortable, but should not be painful. If you do opt to have one of our medical peels, you may experience some tingling or warmth during the treatment and some flaking post treatment. All of this is completely normal.  

How much is each treatment? 


Pricing varies depending on your skin concerns and how many treatments you will require. Please book a consultation to go over details.

Is there any downtime or any restrictions post treatment?


You can return to all normal activities right away. Always let us know if you are preparing for a special occasion so we can tailor your treatment accordingly. If you wish to wear makeup immediately post procedure, we strongly suggest our Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Jane Iredale products are safe for post procedure, feel weightless, and provide beautiful coverage. You can feel good about wearing any of the JI products knowing they’re all healthy for the skin.   

Am I a good candidate for treatment?


Anyone can have a facial! With our many options, we will choose the best facial for you depending on your skin concerns and goals. We even have options for those with sensitive skin. 


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