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Pores, Texture
+ Scarring


What are pores, texture and scarring and what causes them?

Pores, texture, and scarring all fall under skin the category of irregularity. Pores are the tiny openings in the skin follicles found on the skin. Texture means rough or uneven skin as opposed to a smooth complexion.  Scarring can be in the form of discolouration or divots in the skin.
Everyone has pores and they cannot be removed. However, we can keep them clean, reduce the appearance of them, and prevent them from getting worse. Uneven texture or roughness is often caused by lack of exfoliation. Previous acne is the main cause of scarring. All of these concerns can be improved drastically with the correct treatments and products.

Still unsure which products and treatments are right for you?

Free consultations with our knowledgable technicians are available. During your consultation, our technicians will assist you with choosing the correct treatments and products for your specific concerns. Click here to book!


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