HydraFacial Lip & Eye Perk

The perfect compliment to all HydraFacial treatments!


About HydraFacial Perk

Eye Perk: Awaken the delicate eye are with energizing green tea extract and citric acid, a natural skin brightener.  This 10 min treatment uses Eye Replenishing Serum to invigorate your delicate eye area.  Use the take home Eye Replenishing Serum to extend your treatment benefits.

Lip Perk: Not ready for lip filler?  Get smooth and perfectly primed lips with key ingredients of peppermint oil and peony extract to lightly plump your pout.  This 10 min service uses Lip Revitalizing Serum to gently exfoliate, lightly plump, and boost lip hydration.  Use the take home Lip Revitalizing Serum to extend treatment benefits.  Add the Perk of protecting your lips with the LipDrink SPF 15 Lip Balm.

How it works

For Microblading, a small blade is used to deposit ink throughout the brow area, in the upper layers of skin. Since the pigment is deposited more surface than a traditional tattoo, the result is a very natural looking brow that lasts anywhere from
one to three years.



Wake up looking refreshed


Save time getting ready in the morning


Great for those with a very active  lifestyle since permanent makeup doesn’t wash off


Minimal discomfort (we use a prescription topical numbing)

Fast Facts


A short 10 minute treatment or add it onto your current HydraFacial treatment.

Recommended Sessions

Whenever you want to amp up your current HydraFacial treatment

After Treatment Care

Avoid sun exposure (including tanning beds) and wear sunscreen on the exposed treatment areas. Apply the provided ointment for 7-10 days post procedure.


How many treatments are needed?


Microbladed brows require an initial treatment followed by a touch up about 4-6 weeks after the initial service. Depending on your skin type, and how well you protect your brows, will determine when touch ups are required after. Generally, you would have a touch up within 1-3 years after your initial treatment.

Are the treatments comfortable?


Permanent makeup can be uncomfortable, however a topical numbing cream is applied that should take away a lot of the discomfort.

How much is each treatment? 


Brows $600 (including touch up)

  • Cat eyeliner $400

  • Bottom eyeliner $150

  • Baby eyeliner $350


  • Lip liner $350

  • Full lip fill in $600

Is there any downtime or any restrictions post treatment?


To protect the treated area, the provided ointment needs to be applied for 7-10 days post treatment. Sun exposure and exercise need to be avoided during this 7-10 day healing process. In general, sunscreen should be applied to the pigment to prevent it from fading quickly.

Am I a good candidate for treatment?


We cannot treat anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Due to the nature of the treatment, those who are prone to keloid scars are not candidates. Other than that, all skin types can be treated, but oily skin types won’t hold the tattoo pigment as well as a normal to dry skin.


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