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One on One with Scarlet... Microneedling

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Meet Scarlet.. a new generation of non-surgical anti-aging treatments..

Scarlet RF is a next-generation short-pulse radio frequency (SRF) treatment with microneedling that targets virtually any skin issue. It is also one of the safest treatments in the field for non-surgical face lift with minimal to no downtime.

Scarlet RF targets scalp tightening, facial skin tightening and lifting, double chin, neck and body tightening. Recently, short pulsed Radio Frequency technology of Scarlet RF was clinically proven to improve rosacea, acne vulgaris , melasma, and mottled telangiectasia.

It can treat signs of aging such as fine lines & wrinkles, improves hyperpigmentation , improves stretch marks and helps to strengthen the skin's elasticity.

A series of treatments are recommended depending on the patient's concerns, however you are able to see an improvement in your skin after only one treatment!

Ideally for the best results using ZO SkinHealth medical grade skincare such as Firming Serum and Growth Factor Serum after treatment will provide more plumping and collagen stimulating results. During the healing process ZO Gentle Cleanser is a great option to remove impurities, oil and makeup while not stripping your sensitive post treatment skin!

Jane Iredale is a great option for those who wear makeup and are looking for chemical free, healthy and mineral based products. Jane Iredale can be applied almost directly after any medical grade treatment as there is no harsh chemicals. It can even be used on babies!

A series of 3-6 treatments is ideal for most patients but to find out more, booking a complimentary consultation is the best way to get all your questions answered!

Maintenance treatments are recommended every 6 months to a year depending on the patient's concerns. We highly recommend monthly Laser Genesis and Chemical Peels to help stimulate your collagen and elastin and deeply exfoliate between RF Microneedling treatments.

Looking to enhance your treatments?

EXOIE is a 3 step system.

Exosomes are found in plant and human stem cells and are a part of our cell to cell communication. They can stimulate delivery of proteins, lipids, and metabolize to nourish cells resulting in healthier looking skin from inside out.

D|TOX helps prepare your body's ideal environment for the cell signalling processes it uses to fight inflammation and restore equilibrium.

EXOIE is a concentrated loading dose of stem cell factors including exosomes, liposomes, growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors and thousands of additional factors per applications, leading to enhanced regenerative results.

RE|PAIR reinforces the work EXOIE with ten additional applications of exosomes, liposomes, and full complement of stem cell factors found in the biological process of healing.

Hale Derma attacks all germ types, bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. Hale Derma is all natural and fragrance free.

This spray prevents dehydration,

promotes healing and reduces

breakouts. Although mostly used as

a pre/post care, this product is

great to use at home for eczema,

excessive dry skin, acne and

inflammation. It can also be used before and after more aggressive treatments for a quicker, healthier recovery!

We hold educational events every couple of months to further your knowledge on how to improve your skincare and treatment outcomes! Come treat yourself and learn with us!!

To learn more about what treatments and medical grade skincare we offer book a complimentary skin analysis online with one of our friendly and knowledgable staff members or give us a call at

Book a complimentary consultation today to find out how you can improve your skin health!

604-553-3433 or email us at

Book your spot to meet Scarlet below 😉 ⬇️


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